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Prototaxites: Return of the First Mushroom

200 million years since its extinction, the prehistoric humongous fungus, Prototaxites, has finally been resurrected. Clay sculptures of this towering mushroom that once dominated the Earth's landscape were unveiled for the first time on the Leytonstone Arts Trail. Co-created during a series of workshops led by Emily Stapleton-Jefferis and Jack Alexandroff from Casa Mundi Studio during Fungus Fortnight 2021, the sculptures went through a process of air-drying, firing and glazing before being displayed at an exclusive open studio.

Originally up to nine metres tall, fossils of these mysterious organisms have long fascinated archaeologists and students of natural history; we hope they inspire people to think about fungi in a new way, being fundamental to both modern - and ancient - life on Earth.

Photos by: Fat Fox Mushrooms & London Fungus Network.

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