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Prototaxites: the First Mushroom
October 2021

At the dawn of time and when the land was raw and dead, the first great fungus drew together mighty towers that dominated the landscape. Prototaxites (the first yew) broke down rock into soil and connected the plants to bacteria, it nurtured the land like a gardener and today we pay homage to its great works and benevolent attention.

We co-created this prehistoric humongous fungus over four workshops led by Emily Stapleton-Jefferis and Jack Alexandroff from Casa Mundi Studio in Leyton during October 2021 as part of Fungus Fortnight. The clay sculptures will be exhibited later in 2022 - if you've got a gallery space or would like to partner with us, please get in touch.

Photos by: Alisa Ruzavina, Deyana & London Fungus Network.

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