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Connecting mycologically curious humans with the urban Fungal Kingdom

A photo of an Amanita muscaria, a red fungus with white dots. The photo also has a finger pointing and touching the fungus.


The London Fungus Network exists to connect mycologically-curious humans with the urban Fungal Kingdom/Queendom. Join us for Myco-Meetups, Fungus Forays, Open-Myc Nights and more mushroom-inspired fun.


We are part of London National Park City and run by London National Park City Rangers.

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Image by Dorothea OLDANI
This is the Part of London National Park City logo, all in capitals. Part of is in thin black letters, one line. London is in green on the second line, then National on the second line in green, then part city on the fourth line, followed by a green asterisk which sits at the top right of the y in city.

London is the world's first National Park City. A place, a vision and a movement to improve life in London. We’re doing this by enjoying being outdoor more and helping to make our city greener, healthier and wilder.

Photo of Artists Bracket, growing in a fallen tree trunk. In the background is a blurred forest.

Shroom Sunday: The Movie

Watch our annual fungal celebration

Over 200 people joined Shroom Sunday 2023 in October, with a video capturing vibes from the day including nature walks, mycelium movement, plus our Open-MYC featuring tunes from The Sporeboys, Melissa Layton channelling the holy spores of Leucoagaricus Cohen, and the return of MushDonna & the Mycelial Girls.


Don't fear the fungus!

Mushrooms are mysterious. They capture our imagination like no other organisms. Perceived as live-giving, mind-blowing and deadly, they simultaneously inspire fear, confusion and wonder. Against the odds, fungi thrive in big cities like London too. Join us to get to know your fungal neighbours. 

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